Specialised Services

Residential Care: A Sense of Belonging

We go the extra mile in our residential care department by having a qualified nurse on the floor during the day. Socially, whether it is having a drink with friend, playing bridge or just having a moan about the weather, life’s more fun as part of a vibrant community where residents can have a laugh, connect and enjoy time together.

We have smaller dining rooms on each floor where residents with similar caring needs can eat and talk. We understand that dining is so much more than just food.

We also encourage friends and family to visit at any time.

Nursing Care: A Little Extra Help

Our team of registered nurses and carers provide round the clock care and support for each residents according to his or her individual needs. And when more care is needed, it’s there for them.

To begin with, we take a detailed health assessment and create an individual plan for each resident. So whether we need to keep an eye on the resident’s weight or blood-pressure or medications, it’s all in the plan.

What’s more, we have strong links with medical practices in the community which means when outside help is needed from a GP or physiotherapist for example, it is on hand. In fact, a retained GP comes to visit the home once a week.

Memory Loss Conditions: Safe and Dignified

We work hard to ensure we offer our residents with dementia the very best care. Our facilities are carefully designed to provide an optimum balance between stimulation and the comfort of predictability.

Our teams are highly-trained and experienced in dementia care. They seek to build a respectful relationship with each resident, getting to know his or her preferences, background and needs.

We are also sensitive to the needs of the family and we include them at all stages in planning the care and enhancing the lives of our residents.

No one gets overlooked at Acacia Lodge.